Katabasis — Linda Zhengova & Ronin De Goede
Risograph zin
December 2022 — March 2023

'Katabasis' is a photographic journey of Ronin De Goede and Linda Zhengová captured in gorgeous, luscious black and white photo book of 54 pages, risograph printed and bound by Bertus Gerssen -Stencilwerck Riso Print Room & Publishing in The Hague

'The photographs became part of our collective unconscious, a symbiosis of our male and female gaze. By entering dark places, we explored the underworld – a place with new rules and unexpected encounters. Through the descent of the soul, we delved into each others' intimate worlds and merged them together.'⁣ ⁣
Discarded Magazine
Photography Magazine
April 2022

Discarded Magazine is an Rome based magazine and online platform, oriented to international contemporary photography, born to investigate about the nature of discarding photographs.