Modal Variables
Interactive Sculpture + Self-published book
2019 - 2020

In my 2020 graduation work I analyzed a range of phenomenological concepts of conciousness in relation to human sensority, on example of writings from Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl, Masanori Ōta, Paul Natorp and juxtaposed those with the timeline of development of display devices.

The growing importance of digital devices as a stimulus, their increasing sophistication and immersion in classical body/mind problem is portraited as interactive sculture.

Each pillar, attached to a stepper motor, is capeable to face visitor with dark and bright side by 180° rotation. Each of them has assigned one pixel of 8 bit image of the visitor captured with the kinect camera infront of the installation.

In result, viewers observe their very own presence in the motion of the light sculture.

The sculpture is accomplished with the hand made silkscreened thesis book incorporating original illustrations, edition 1/12.

︎ 3D print PLA, plexiglas, 
︎ Original Processing software

Grand Unified Theory
Installation + Radio Transmission performance

On March 17, 2018, using a small pirate radio transmitter I sent out, into the nearest range radio ether, an audio recording of multiplied individuals breathing, however, synhronised into unified singular sequence of inhales and exhales. Received with the set of radios hanging from the gallery ceiling, unstable signal was continously fading in and out in-between stronger, regular, radio stations.

Grand Unified Theory is my first onthological art installation. Special thanks to everyone who lent their voices: Anna Pelgrim, Jan Kohler, Latisha Horstink, Ligia Maasland, Malena Ugaz, Moritz Sala, Moze Mertens.