GUP Magazine - Guide to Unique Photography
Re-branding, Print Design, Editorial Design, Online Publishing Strategy
November 2021 — ∞

Originally making a first appearance in 2005, GUP Magazine is one of the longest continously published photography magazine in The Netherlands. Guide to Unique Photography, as the full title reveals, is platform for the upcoming as well as already established photographers. In the late 2021 I was honored with the challenge to re-design the magazine — create an issue high-end exclusive, however simultaneously, playful and dynamic.

The cover image reminds in the exact dimension as the original full bleed front page design as the homage to the rich harritage of the title. However, now enriched by the additional full title of the magazine followed by the list of featured artists bellow in a classic centered headline style. 

Each chapter of the magazine is designed individually accoridng to the character of a artists’ portfolio. Two families of typefaces used throught the whole magazine are used in opposite hierarchies depanding on general aura of presented works.  The outstanding large typeface used in the introduction texts welcomes readers to discover effortlessly short briefs of following articles and interviews. GUP is an easy and accessable reader as the mayor focus and purpose of the magazine is to deliver high quality printed and excelentlly curated emerging photography from from all over the world.

Beside from developing design of the print issue, I also put an effort into development of the digital platform by creating unified visual key for all online activities as well as wide range of motion design animations to improve quality of daily communication.

︎ Print issue: 200 pages, 200 x 260 mm
︎ Digital Publishing / Social Media Strategy