‘Grot’ Jonny Kaye
Book Design, Event Poster
September 2023

In his debut book ‘Grot’, Jonny Kaye captures the gimps, pro-dommes and fetishists who make up his treasured community.

‘Grot’ can be understood as something unpleasant, dirty, or of poor quality. The same-named debut monograph by Jonny Kaye provides a unique insight into the UK kink and fetish scene. Between the years 2020-2023, he compiled over twelve thousand analogue images to document the private community.

In the mainstream imagination, kink is often linked to the shock factor, the extreme forms of eroticism, chains, latex and leather. While all these do show up to a certain extent in Jonny Kaye’s work, his aim has always been documenting people’s true essence.

︎ Hardcover
︎ 204 x 254 mm, 272 pages
︎ Edition 1/500